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Take some ownership and write your own path
Leaders, Visions, and Thorns Consulting, INC was founded out of a need and gap in the professional world. Unfortunately too often there is very little if any supervision or professional development opportunities provided from your employer. We find this to be true in government agencies as well as in non-profits. If you own a small business you live and breathe this reality every day. We understand why this happens: lack of funding, living off grants, the nature of our businesses, and of course the absolute lack of time. This however does not mean we should tolerate the absence of support, guidance, supervision, or professional development. As young or new professionals will find out if you want to grow and reach your full potential you will have to take some ownership and write your own path.
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Refocus on Your Goals by Doubling Down

Feeling like you are getting pulled in a 100 different directions could be a clue it is time take a break and refocus. There are a few signs you can keep an eye out for that help you know when it is time to revisit your vision, think about your goals, and refocus. When I […]

Setting Goals and Actually Keeping Them!

So you have set your goals and decided where to focus your time, energy, and budget…. what now? Action steps of course. So much easier said then done. We can lay out our action steps and put them on paper. We can plan and schedule ourselves a week out, a month out, even a year […]

How much time and energy do you invest into an employee?

One of the most difficult decisions you will make as a new manager is whether or not to invest your time and energy into an employee. The fork in the road- Which way you go could make a big difference in the outcome. Do you invest time and money into an employee? What if you […]

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